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Prof. Rafoyl Finkel: Research Scientist, College of Engineering: Computer Science, University of Kentucky

Dr. Rafoyl Finkel

Prof. Rafoyl Finkel holds a PhD. from Stanford University in Computer Science, M.A. from University of Chicago.
University of Kentucky, College of Engineering, Computer Science, Director of Graduate Studies
Research Areas: distributed algorithms, Operating Systems, Programming Languages
Selected Publications:
R. A. Finkel and J. L. Bentley, “Quad Trees: A data Structure for Retrieval on Composite Keys,” Acta
Informatica 4, 1, pp. 1-9, 1974.
J. H. Friedman, J. L. Bentley, R. A. Finkel, “An Algorithm for Finding Best Matches in Logarithmic Time,”
ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software, pp. 209-226, September 1977.
Eric H. Herrin II and Raphael Finkel, “An ASCII Database for Fast Queries”, Computing Systems, 4, 2, pp.
127-155, Spring 1991.
Raphael Finkel, “Experience with a Unix System-Administration Tool”, Software Practice and Experience,
29 11, pp 953-971, 1999.
Raphael Finkel, Wiktor Marek, Miroslaw Truszczynski, “Constraint Lingo: Towards High-Level Constraint
Programming”, Software — Practice and Experience, 34 15, pp 1481-1504, 2004.
Raphael Finkel and Gregory Stump, “A default inheritance hierarchy for computing Hebrew verb morphology”,
Literary and Linguistic Computing 22(2):117–136, 2007.
Raphael Finkel and Gregory Stump, “Principal parts and morphological typology”, Morphology 17(1):
39–75, 2007.
Raphael Finkel, Gregory Stump, “What your Teacher Told You is True: Latin Verbs Have Four Principal
Parts”, Digital Humanities Quarterly 3(1), Winter 2009.
Raphael Finkel and Gregory Stump, “Stem alternations and principal parts in French verb inflection”, 6
Decembrettes, Bordeaux, France, 12/6/2009. To appear in Cascadilla Proceedings Project (http://www.
Raphael Finkel and Odetunji Ajadi Odejobi, “A computational approach to Yoruba morphology”, Workshop
on African Language Technologies, 12th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for
Computational Linguistics (EACL-09), March 30 – April 3, 2009, Athens, Greece.
Other significant publications

Raphael Finkel, Udi Manber, “DIB—A distributed implementation of backtracking,” ACM TOPLAS 9(2):
235–256, April 1987.
Yeshayahu Artsy and Raphael Finkel, “Designing a process migration facility — The Charlotte Experience”,
IEEE Computer, 22(9): 47–56, September 1989.
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Malcolm R., “Molecular phylogenetic relationships of nonpathogenic grass mycosymbionts and clavicipitaceaous
plant pathogens”, Plant Systematics and Evolution” 178: 27–41, 1991.
Raghu Ram Chamala, Roxana Ciochina, Raphael Finkel, Robert Grossman, Saravana Kannan, Prashant
Ramachandran, “EPOCH: An Organic Chemistry Homework Program that Offers Response-Specific Feedback”,
Journal of Chemical Education, 83(1), 164–169, 2006.
Q. Jiang, R. A. Finkel, D. Manivannan and M. Singhal. RPSF: A Routing Protocol with Selective Forwarding
for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks, Wireless Personal Communications, 43(2), 411–436, October 2007.