International Yiddish Conference & Retreat

Dr. Harry Bochner: Technical Director & Co-Editor: New Yiddish-English Dictionary; Medford, MA

Dr. Harry Bochner

Dr. Harry Bochner, Ph.D. in Theoretical Linguistics from Harvard University, co-Editor and Technology Director of the New Comprehensive Yiddish-English Dictionary
Dr. Bochner is the son of Holocaust survivors and grew up in a family where Yiddish comprehension was essential. Study at Harvard and Columbia complemented this knowledge, and he has been involved in Yiddish cultural activities for over 20 years, teaching the language at Boston University and the Boston Workmen’s Circle.
Including over 37,000 entries compiled by a team of expert Yiddish linguists, Comprehensive Yiddish-English Dictionary surpasses all its predecessors in the number of words and rich selection of idioms, examples of usage, and coverage of stylistic levels and dialect forms. The user-friendly entries include words for standard and literary as well as contemporary colloquial and conversational usage and a wide range of terms from all sources of Yiddish, including those of Hebraic-Aramaic, Slavic, and Romance as well as Germanic origin. The lexical corpus comes directly from the highly acclaimed Dictionnaire Yiddish-Français by Yitskhok Niborski and Bernard Vaisbrot, published by the Bibliothèque Medem in Paris in 2002. Augmented by an extensive user’s guide, this volume is an indispensable resource for students, teachers, translators, and readers of Yiddish.