International Yiddish Conference & Retreat

Dr. Michael ‘Motl’ Rosenbush: Yiddish Prof. in Paris and Brussels; University of New Hampshire; Translation Coordinator: Niborski/Vaisbrot Yiddish-French Dictionary

Dr. Michael 'Motl' Rosenbush

Dr. Rosenbush is a native born Yiddish speaker, and a Yiddishist of the highest caliber. His biography, captured in film, is one of the core team members transforming the Niborski/Vaisbrot Yiddish-French Dictionary into Yiddish-English. He has run Yiddish workshops in Brussels, Paris, Wash., D.C., and at the IAYC Conference in Baltimore. Motl is a native Yiddish speaker, having been born in Lublin, Poland. Currently his work includes cooperating on a multi-volume Yiddish dictionary. Former Vice President of the IAYC and Associate Professor, Chairman, Russian and German, University of New Hampshire (Emeritus). He developed Yiddish-speaking Yugntruf svives in NYC and translates from Yiddish, Russian and Polish into English for the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Michael Rosenbush, Associate Professor, Chairman, Russian and German, University of New Hampshire. A native Yiddish speaker, Rosenbush is one of the the founders of “svives,” active Yiddish-speaking communities in New York City, as well as an organizer of the on-going Yiddish-English/Russian-English translation project at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. He was on the board of Yiddish of Greater Washington and the
International Association of Yiddish Clubs.