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Naftali Ejdelman: Co-Founder, Yiddish Farm

Naftali Ejdelman

Naftali Ejdelman co-founded Yiddish Farm in upstate New York to create a pluralistic Yiddish-speaking agricultural community. The Farm serves committed Yiddishists who need a Yiddish speaking space to pass on the language, students who need full immersion to become fluent, and non-conformist Hasidim who want to maintain their Jewish identity while having the freedom to explore their heritage.

While growing up, Naftali was required to speak Yiddish with everyone on his mother’s side. To this day, his Yiddish speaking family actively promotes Yiddish culture through academic work, poetry, journalism, education and activism. His grandfather and great-grandfather dreamed of founding an agricultural Yiddish speaking settlement. While in college, Naftali developed an interest in environmentalism and sustainable agriculture and took this dream into his own hands. He co-founded Yiddish Farm, New Hampton, NY to create a pluralistic Yiddish speaking agricultural community.