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Vivian Weinstein: Yiddish Leader; 15th IAYC International Yiddish Conference & Retreat Website is Dedicated in Her Memory

Vivian Weinstein

Vivian Weinstein

Vivian Seidman Weinstein, 92, passed away on Dec. 24, at her home in Sarasota, Fla., surrounded by her family. She was preceded in death by her beloved husband, Julius Weinstein; and she was the devoted mother of Raoul Weinstein of Lakeland, Fla., Karen and Bill Witte of Sarasota, Fla., Sabina and Steven Sager of Durham, N.C., and Linda Weinstein of Vero Beach, Fla.; proud grandmother of Rachel, Keith, Ben and Kristin, Craig and Tracey, Ariele and Avrami, Jacob and Alison, and Noah; great-grandmother of Jules, Maya, Jackson, Daniyel, and Gefen; loving sister of Bernice and Alvin Kaufman, of Fairfax, Va.
She was an office manager of several family businesses, including Auto Craft, Inc. and Fun N Play, all located in Newport News. She was a life member of Hadassah and National Council of Jewish Women, and a long-time member of ORT. She is a past president of the Seaboard Branch of Woman’s League of Conservative Judaism as well as the sisterhood of Rodef Sholom Temple in Hampton, Va. She served as co-chairman of the Soviet Resettlement Committee and as co-chairman of the Yiddish Chaverim at the Newport News Jewish Community Center. She was also a Girl Scout leader for 13 years.

Web Manager’s ┬áNote: Near the end of Vivian’s life, I received a phone call from her where she told me one of her last wishes was to participate in the Yiddish Magic Carpet project. She asked for the Yiddish Magic Carpet to be brought to her, so could she could add her own words in her handwriting. She lived just over an hour away, and so my son, and his girlfriend made the trip to see her. They hand carried the Yiddish Magic Carpet into her apartment and visited with her awhile, while she made an inscription. She had read about the Yiddish Magic Carpet, and knew it would be her way of being at Yiddish Conferences in the future, among friends of Yiddish.

She told me she was preparing a package of Yiddish materials that she wanted to be preserved and to eventually find their way into the hands of Yiddish lovers who would treasure them. So, her wishes have been honored, and I’ll remember the conversations I shared with her about the conferences and when she visited Lakeland, Florida where her son, Raoul (a forever friend) lived.

By chance, at one conference, our incoming flights arrived at the airport just about the same time, and we talked as we waited together for the shuttle from the hotel to arrive. I never saw her again, during that whole conference, but she sure was excited. Like many, she had come to regard Fishl (Editor of Derbay Anglo-Yiddish Newsletter which she subscribed to) as a Yiddish friend, somewhere among the pages of Yiddish stories, we find in each other, an open door to shared emotions. I was surprised to find programming materials and hand written notes, from years of running Yiddish clubs.

I dedicate this website to Vivian Weinstein….. she has already been ‘called up’ to receive this Technology Award… she carried forward in her children and grandchildren memories and love that were overwhelming in her stories and in these precious papers. Akin to technology, she was articulate and precise.