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Dr. Barnett ‘Barney’ Zumoff Bio

Dr. Barnett Zumoff, served as Major General in the United States Air Force

Barnett Zumoff is an internationally renowned teacher and researcher in the field of Endocrinology, who has published 250 papers in that field. He currently holds the titles of Professor of Medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Adjunct Professor of Medicine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, and Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine at NYU School of Medicine. He has long been interested in health care reform and has written articles on that subject in The Forward as well as authoring the biennial Workmen’s Circle Convention Resolutions on that subject for many years. Under his aegis, the Workmen’s Circle was the first major community organization to come out in favor of Medicare for All as a means of achieving universal single payer health care.

He was, for 13 years, President of the Forward Association, which publishes the Yiddish Forverts and the English Forward, and is currently its Vice President. He is the long time co President of the Congress for Jewish Culture, an umbrella organization that includes virtually all the Yiddish cultural organizations in the United States. He has been an active member of the Board of Directors of the Folksbiene, the oldest Yiddish theater in the world, for more than 15 years. and is currently its vice President. He s also vice-President of the Atran Foundation, one of the largest American charitable foundations that makes grants to Yiddish cultural organizations, and a Director of the International Association of Yiddish Clubs. He was, for many years, President of the Workmen’s Circle. the major supporter of Yiddish culture and Yiddish schools in the United States, and is currently a member of its National Executive Board. He is also the editor of the Mameloshn poetry section of the magazine Jewish Currents.

He has been and continues to be a prolific translator of Yiddish literature. He has published 21 volumes of translations: The Jackpot (translation of Sholem Aleichem’s play “Dos Groyse Gevins”: I Keep Recalling (translation of Yankev Glatshteyn’s collected Holocaust poems, titled “Kh’Tu Dermonen” in Yiddish); Laughter Beneath The Forest (translation of Avrom Sutzkever’s “Fun Alte Un Yunge Ksav-Yadn”); In The Valley Of Death (translation of Chaim Lieberman’s prescient 1938 essay about Nazi Germany and the coming

Holocaust, titled In Tol Fun Toyt” in Yiddish); God Hid His Face (translation of selected poems by Rajzl Zychlinsky Songs For Generations: More Pearls of Yiddish Song (translations of songs collected by Eleanor and Joseph Mlotek); Pages From A Charred Notebook (translations of Tsvi Eisenman’s short stories, titled “Bleter Fun A Farsmalyetn Pinkes” in Yiddish); Beneath The Trees (an art volume of translations of selected poems by Sutzkever, in honor of his 90th birthday); About Mother: Yiddish Poets Speak (translations of 20 poems by various Yiddish poets, all of which have the word “mother” in their titles); Songs To A Moonstruck Lady: Women in Yiddish Poetry, (a translated anthology of poems by or about women); Secular Jewishness For Our Time. (a selection of translated essays on that subject by various authors, over a 60 year period); Between Smile And Tear, (an anthology of translations of poems by Peretz Miransky); Memories, (translated autobiography of Abraham Zumoff); Sobibor: A Documentary Novel of the Sobibor Uprising (translation of the Yiddish original by Michael Lev); A Bundist Comments on History as it was Being Made: The Post Cold War Era (translations of essays by Motl Zelmanowicz); At The Edge of Dreamland, (translations of short stories by Tsvi Eisenman); Yiddish Literature in America, 1870-2000 (translations of a selection of essays, stories, and poems from Emanuel S. Goldsmith’s Yiddish anthology of the same name), and Pearls of Yiddish Poetry (anthology by Yosl and Chana Miotek); The City In The Moonlight: Stories of the Old Time Lithuanian Jews (short stories by Dovid Katz); Stones Don’t Bear Witness (a historical novel of the Kishinev pogrom, by Boris Sandler), and The Waterfall: Rhymed Couplets From Yiddish Poetry. He also has three additional volumes in preparation: Singable Translations Of Yiddish Song/Poems and Volumes 2 and 3 of Yiddish Literature in America, 1870-2000 the remaining prose and poetry from Goldsmith’s anthology.)

He has also had individual translated poems published in the Forward and the magazines Midstream, Jewish Currents, and Bitter Root; his translation of Stars Are Now Dying. by Peretz Hirshbeyn, in Bitter Root, won a prize in their poetry contest. Dr Zumoff is in demand as a lecturer on Yiddish poetry in translation, and has presented to YIVO, the Congress for Jewish Culture, the International Association of Yiddish Clubs. and the Workmen’s Circle, as well as to lay community groups.