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Lucy Deutsch: Playwright, Composer, Novelist: Los Angeles, CA

THE MIRACLE: a stage play of a true story produced with songs about a child’s journey in wartime and after. Posted on December 2, 2012

My name is Lucy Deutsch and I am a veteran novelist, poet, screenwriter, songwriter and playwright. I am one of our last living survivors of the Holocaust. I was 14 years old when I encountered that infamous creature, Dr. Mengele. I was the only child in my barrack in Auschwitz, where I had to learn early to fend for my life.

I am now 82, and my life’s last and greatest dream is to see this unique tale produced on stage as a musical. I have crafted my autobiography under the title “No Time to Weep”. I wrote 25 original, beautiful songs.

A story of the Holocaust unlike any you’ve seen before. As one of the last living survivors, I know there is not much time. I feel this weight more than ever, to see my story prevail from my heart to the stage.