International Yiddish Conference & Retreat

Abigail Hirsch: Filmmaker, Founder of AskAbigail Productions; Montreal, Canada

About Abigail Hirsch:

Abigail Hirsch is a Montreal-based filmmaker and the founder of AskAbigail Productions. A professionally trained social worker, Hirsch launched her media career in Montreal in 2007. Hirsch has a Website and a Youtube channel that covers Jewish events and speakers, such as the International Israeli Film Festival, Le Mood, Klez Kanada, Ashkenaz, and the International Yiddish Theatre Festival, engaging the public in a dialogue building peace and better understanding of Jewish culture and society.

After attending the International Yiddish Theatre Festival in Montreal, she decided to do a documentary telling the story of the fight to preserve Yiddish since the Holocaust by sharing the stories of three Yiddish activists, emblematic of the last three generations, in a documentary: “Yiddish: A tale of survival”.

Abigail Hirsch

Abigail Hirsch